Foodies in Wholefoods. Whodathunkit.

Hey there! Last week I (Candace) gave a talk about Sustainable Eating at the new Wholefoods Market in Mississauga. The evening was lots of fun and my super-awesome fellow-Feel-Good-Foodie came out to support. Thanks, Jaime!

Being super-awesome, she joined in the discussion at the end and it all went so well that you just might see the two of us back there together in the future: a double header! Just like Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart, but with less murder and more love. C’mon babe, why don’t we paint the town? (Ski-doo, chh chh.) …and all that jazz.

To find out more about what this sustainable eating business is all about, and to see what seminars and other public events might be coming up, click here. Or to book your own private event (perhaps an Educational Dinner Party or a Bitchin’ Brunch?), contact us. For consultations and other services, click here.

Stay tuned, friends!

-the FGF team

seminar at Wholefoods

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