We love a good root veg roast.

Look at that beauty! Root vegetable roasts are so hearty, warming, simple and satisfying. Here’s the basic idea:

Wash and chop a bunch of root vegetables and maybe a squash or two. Dice an onion, chop a bunch of garlic, mince in some ginger, sprinkle in some fresh herbs (we used sage and mint leaves in the picture above) and toss everything in melted coconut oil (or grape seed oil, or olive oil). Add some citrus juice and zest if you like. Bake at 350º for about an hour, turning it a couple of times.

Hmmm. Being spring now, this is an odd one to post. This picture was taken during the cooler weather last month. Still not exactly seasonal, but the flavours seemed right. Springier recipe ideas to come!

Eat up and enjoy!

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