Mmmmmm stir-fried sprouts! Plus, a word on comfort food healthification.

The Foodies have been playing (of course!) and have come up with another new dish. This one was for a lucky lady who we made a personalized meal plan for. Yum! Just because it’s pretty, we thought we’d show you the different stages:

Want us to put together a collection of recipes for you, tailored to your tastes and health needs? Hit us up for a personalized meal plan! If you just want some nummy new recipes, you can also buy a booklet of 10 recipes for $10 (contact us if interested).

Here’s another cool option for you: if you have a favourite dish that you make often but know isn’t healthy for you, send it to us and for $25 we’ll tweak it for you, and turn it into something healthy! We’ve veganized and healthified everything from mac n’ cheese and meatballs to ice cream and Nanaimo bars. Go ahead – try us out!

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