Why “Ensure” isn’t your best bet on the nutrition front.



The topic of Ensure, Boost and similar so-called “health” drinks (often recommended to unwell people who are trying to heal and/or gain or maintain weight) has come up numerous times over the past few months for me. So I’ve had it in my head to write a good article about them, explaining why I think they are not-so-healthy, and how there are much better ways of going about restoring health. But I stalled just long enough that the wonderful Josh Gitalis (clinical nutritionist extraordinaire, Ba(h) CNP RNCP/ROHP) did it for me! He recently wrote a great article that explains, in that clear-and-concise way of his, exactly why Ensure isn’t the “elixir of health” that it is often touted as being. It’s a short and easy read: please click here to read it.

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