Rawesome summer eats idea: raw fajitas.

Doesn’t that look good? It tastes even better. Woah mama. I found this recipe for raw fajitas on the wonderful website rawfoodrecipes.com. It’s not exactly a casual meal you’d whip together on a whim – it takes some forethought and patience, but it’s not technically challenge (the beauty of raw food: it rarely is).

This dish requires some soaking and marinating time, but it’s easy to do. Don’t be daunted by how many parts to it there are (different sauces and whatnot) – you don’t have to make all the different toppings if you don’t want to, and once everything has soaked, the different sauces (sour kream, salsa, “cheddar cheese” sauce) only take a few minutes each.

I kept the sauces and veggies in separate containers in the fridge and I ate it over the coarse of a week: it was good to the end! Whenever I felt like eating one of these bad boys, I just busted out a collard leaf and layered it up and then rolled it:

A note: for the sour kream, I didn’t have young coconut pulp on hand and while I’m sure that would have been extra amazing, what I did have was coconut milk, so I used that instead and it turned out great. If you are doing something similar, don’t add the water as well, or you’ll make it too thin.

These are really messy to eat (unless you use a knife and fork, but who wants to do that?!) but lots of fun. There are so many good flavours going on and they’re a lot more filling than they look. Very satisfying and beautiful. Why not try it for an afternoon get together with family or friends? It’s easy to make the different parts ahead of time, and then let everyone assemble their own fajitas. Eat it on the grass and let the juices drip down your arms. Tip: don’t wear white.

Have fun!

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