Love Yourself First… Why We’ve Been MIA.


Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

A lot of you have been asking us what we’ve been up to as a business… If we’ve been having many dinner parties or talks or anything of the like.

The answer is no. We haven’t been. And this is our blog post to tell you why.

In case anyone was unaware, Candace and I both have autoimmune disorders. Candace suffers mainly from Crohn’s Disease (an inflammatory intestinal disease), while I am currently having my battle with Ankylosing Spondylitis (which is a form of arthritis that attacks the spine and hips).

Since we both have been having a bit of difficulty through these last few winter months, we decided that we would take the plunge and try changing our diets again to see if anything in our bodies would change.

And guess what happened? It worked! Although not entirely gone, our symptoms have subsided and we’re both on the road to recovery.

What did we do?

Well, it’s similar yet different for both of us.

I am trying a diet called The Paleo Diet, which is basically a hunter/gatherer style of eating that includes meat, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. It excludes dairy, all forms of processed foods and sugars, and all grains and legumes.

Candace is currently following a version of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet that starts off very limited with easy-to-digest foods, and excludes all grains and most legumes. It changes over time to become more inclusive, but still eliminating processed sugars, starchy root vegetables, beans, and grains.

What does this mean?

It MEANS, my fellow foodies, that we now have an arsenal of new recipes coming at’cha that will suit most bodies, are hella delicious, and, most importantly, still Holistic-as-Heck.

So what were we doing wrong before?

It’s not necessarily that we were doing anything wrong; it’s more that everyone’s body is different. Not only are our bodies all different, but they also change over time. While we were both still eating very healthy diets in general, we were not allowing our diets to evolve with our bodies’ changes.

When your body is unhappy, it speaks to you through symptoms. These symptoms can come in a range of forms: anything from headaches, to fatigue, to skin rashes, to full-blown disease. It’s important to listen and be aware of what your body is saying. Our bodies were speaking up and telling us that they needed change. So we listened.

IN CONCLUSION: Please excuse our absence, and stay tuned for new workshops and dinner parties coming up that we’re sure will blow your socks right off your feet.

Sending love on Valentines day!

-Jaime (and Candace)

3 thoughts on “Love Yourself First… Why We’ve Been MIA.

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