KOMBUCHA: Your new fermented tea friend.


We love Kombucha.

Like, love love kombucha.

As many of you may or may not know, both of us have Crohn’s disease (If you are unfamiliar with Crohn’s disease, you can click here for more info). And kombucha helped us heal along our journey.

List of reasons why Kombucha is awesome:

  • it’s fermented, meaning it contains probiotics – the bacteria in your intestines that have and endless amount of jobs, such as maintaining your immune system, producing B vitamins, and keeping bad disease-causing bacteria at bay
  • it contains amino acids that help boost energy and cleanse the liver
  • it contains live enzymes that help you digest your food properly, and can help reduce inflammation
  • it’s alkalizing for the body
  • it contains antioxidants
  • it kills and helps clear a host of bad intestinal bacteria, including candida and H. Pylori
  • it’s delicious

You can easily make it at home, but for those who do not want to, we highly suggest Tonica Kombucha, a Toronto company, for making the purest bottled form of kombucha available.

In today’s world, where sugary, processed foods and pharmaceutical medications are the norm, there is almost nobody that wouldn’t benefit from drinking kombucha on a regular basis.

Get fermenting, friends!

-the FGF team

5 thoughts on “KOMBUCHA: Your new fermented tea friend.

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