Is Your Freezer Ready for Fall?


We hope everyone has been enjoying all the delicious, in season fruits and vegetables from their local markets and farmers! But have you been putting this seasons harvest away for the winter? Now that the market season is coming to an end, We thought we would remind you to put those last minute fruits and veggies away to enjoy throughout the winter!

Blanching and freezing fruits and vegetables is a great way to preserve this year harvest and have great tasting, healthy produce all year round.

1) Fruit can easily be frozen by placing pieces seperately on a baking tray and in the freezer, and later placed in bags. This way, you avoid a clump of unbreakable frozen fruit later on.

2) Vegetables can be blanched by placing the cleaned and chopped pieces into a pot of boilding water. Cover the pot and cook for 2 mins. Immediately drain your veggies from the hot water, and place in a ice bath. This will promptly stop the cooking process and help seal in the bright colours. After your veggies have cooled, place them in freezer bags with the date on them (so you know which ones to use first!).

This whole process takes about 10 mins, and ensures you have summer flavour and nutrition throughout the winter. No more yucky winter produce shipped 2 weeks ago from South Africa!

3) Other great healthy ways of preserving foods include pickling, stewing and fermenting. Check out these links below for some awesome recipes, tips, and information that we recommend trying!

our post on Kombucha!

4) Keep in mind that a recipe can easily be made healthier by skipping things like sugar – or using a healthy alternative sugars like honey, maple syrup or stevia (or a mix of these!) Try your own variations for unique to you recipes.

5) These preserved things make amazing gifts throughout the holiday season! Who doesn’t love getting a few jars of homemade goodies??

Stay Seasonal, Friends!

-the FGF Team

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