11 Tips for Fighting the Fall Flu (and colds)


Cold and Flu season is here! And so is our top tips for avoiding the flu, AND the flu shot!

1) Avoid Sugar. Sugar is an immediate immune system suppressor, and inhibits the absorption of other nutrients that will be important for your body at this time.

2) Eat Lots of Garlic! Garlic is an amazing anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal that boosts your immune system and helps fight anything unwelcome. Raw is the best way to maximize these benefits, but cooked will help too.

3) Take a Vitamin C Supplement*. Vitamin C is an amazing immune boosting supplement that works to kill not only flu viruses, but also helps maintain cellular integrity decreasing the chances of viruses entering the cells. Other important nutrients at this time include Vitamin A, zinc, and selenium.

4) Wash Your Hands. Sometimes, we can’t believe we still have to tell people this. But yes, you just had your hands all over the same subway pole that about 700 other people touched just within the last 24 hours. Just wash your hands.

5) Avoid Stress. Stress is an immune suppressant, and causes the body to use it’s nutrients at a faster rate, leaving less for your immune system to fight unwanted visitors. Read more about the mind and body connection here.

6) Drink Water, Drink Water, Drink Water. Water is how most virus-fighting mechanisms travel around the body, as well as how the body detoxes. Being dehydrated can impair these processes.

7) Get Lost of Rest. Being tired has a lot of the same effects on the body as being stressed. It depletes a lot of nutrients a lot faster in the body, as well as delaying and decreasing a lot of normal body functions. This is why you become even more tired when you are sick – your body is working hard to keep up normal functions as well as fighting it’s invader. This is an especially important time to make adequate rest a priority.

8) Decrease Congesting Foods. These include meats, milk products, grains, and sweets. These foods can be harder for the body to digest and deal with, as well as being mucous generating. They can be especially important to eliminate if you have any intolerances to them (even if you are not aware of it!) as intolerances are already upsetting your immune responses.

9) Juice! Fresh juice, ideally consisting of 70% vegetables and 30% fruit, is a great way to boost nutrients in your body, as well as being easily digestible, detoxifying, and hydrating. Have a glass of fresh juice every morning with your breakfast.

10) Beneficial Herbs*. Echinacea tinctures, myrrh, and sage capsules help purify the blood; goldenseal capsules can strengthen the bodies natural defenses;  pau d’arco tea is anti-microbial and antiviral.

11) Take a probiotic. Or eat probiotic-rich foods (kefir, miso, kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha) . 70% of our immune system is in our digestive tract, so if we don’t have healthy digestion, we won’t be healthy in general!

*Check with your health care provider (or make an appointment with us) to make sure you’re taking appropriate amounts, or to make sure particular supplements are right for you.

Stay Healthy, Friends!

-the FGF Team

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