Allergy Symptoms You May Not Recognize As Allergy Symptoms

eyebagsMost of us think of an allergic reaction as having itchy eyes, sneezing, a rash, hives, or going into anaphylactic shock. But did you know that an allergy can appear in almost any form? The immune system acts throughout the entire body, meaning that almost any system can be affected by an immune response.

Here are some signs of an allergic reaction that you might not be familiar with (please note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that you 100% have an allergy though):

1) Sinus Issues. This problem usually presents a colourless mucous that is more on the watery side. It may come and go depending on what the cause is. In children, it usually causes them to perform the upside wipe with their palm, creating a crease in the bridge of the nose. This problem can also lead to chronic infections of the lungs, nose, ears or throat.

2) Puffiness, Wrinkles or Bags Under the Eyes. They can sometimes look like a black eye, be red or blue. The eyes can also become swollen or watery. It can cause extreme sensitivity to sunlight, chemical odours or cause infections.

3) Asthma. Because allergies are an immune response, they can cause inflammation in many different places of the body; the lungs and bronchial tubes being one. A cough may also be produced, especially when in damp places, during exercise, or from laughing and becoming generally excited.

4) Eczema or Dermatitis. This is also generally an inflammatory reaction. Doctors often prescribe an external skin cream that can aid in reducing the inflammatory response or with healing, but the issue will continue as long as the body is exposed to the allergen.

5) Digestive Problems: Bloating, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcers, Indigestion… The list here is endless. And because most of these allergens are ingested, it has direct contact with this tissue and can cause immediate damage. This leads to many other issues, especially considering that 70% of the immune system is located in your intestines.

6) Drowsiness or Mental Fog. This is when the nervous system is affected by the allergen. It can often also be caused by candida; a yeast problem usually coming from dysbiosis in the digestive system that has worked it’s way into the nervous system.

7) Redness in Cheeks or Ears. To the touch, often feel very warm. The cheeks can look patchy and are usually circular in appaerance, and recurrent ear infections can become common. This type of allergy also often accompanies tempermental disturbances, or problems such as ADHD in children.

8) Behavioural Problems. Because allergies can have an effect on the nervous system, they can cause neurological problems. This is usually ADD, ADHD, stuttering, depression, bouts of anger, agression, and other forms of hyperactivity.

9) Headaches. Also associated with neurological problems from an allergen. Migraines are often common in people who are experiencing an allergic response as well.

10) Joint Aches. Often people cover this problem with a pain killer, when the real problem could actually be causing irreversible damage inside the joint due to an inflammatory response.

There are many ways to deal with an allergy. If you feel like this may be an issue you are experiencing, isolating the cause is the most important thing you can do. This may mean trying an elimination diet, a rotation diet, or removing yourself from certain areas of your home or workplace (if the allergen is environmental). It is also important to make sure you are using green cleaning products so make sure this is not the source of your problems and to keep chemical allergens out of your home (and be nice to the environment!)

Other tricks and techniques include immune strengthening supplements, such as probiotics, quercetin or vitamin C, and increasing your water intake.

If you feel like you have an allergy and would like help pinpointing and eliminating it, you can always book a consultation with us, and we would be happy to help you!

Stay Healthy, Friends!

-The FGF Team

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