The great North American deficiency that keep so many unwell (part 1 of 3)

Any guess as to what it is?

This deficiency is rampant, and most don’t even know they’re deficient.

There’s a good chance that YOU don’t get enough of this oh-so-important substance. In fact, most people don’t.

And yet, it is so easy to obtain. It costs practically nothing. And you have it in your home right now – more than enough to correct a deficiency.

Without enough of this substance, your brain can’t function optimally, you can’t digest properly, and your immune system becomes suppressed.

Deficiency has been linked to depression, fuzzy thinking, short-term memory impairment, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, poor mineral absorption, dry skin, toxicity, lowered energy levels, asthma, allergies, ulcers, and more.

By now you must be thinking, what the heck?!

You should be! This is silly – that we set ourselves up for so many problems by neglecting this one simple substance that we tend to take for granted.

Because the thing is, we all know that we need this stuff. That it is good for us. That we need to consume enough of it. And yet it is taken for granted, and largely brushed aside. Most of us don’t realize that it is essential for the functioning of every system in our body.

A few more clues – you can figure this one out.

It is clear…
It is flavourless…
It is odourless…
It is a liquid…

Stumped? You’re thinking too hard.

It pours in abundance out of your tap…

Now maybe you’re thinking, no, it can’t be THAT simple.


Most people are dehydrated and don’t even realize it. Everyone knows that we’re “supposed to” drink 8 glasses a day. But most don’t take that seriously. Or think it’s that big a deal.


And the truth is that the average human body requires a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day (each glass being 8 oz, which is only 1 measuring cup each, and close to 2 litres in total) simply to maintain its basic functioning! This does not factor in the consumption of diuretics, like coffee and alcohol. For each caffeinated or alcoholic beverage, 2 more glasses of water must be consumed, just to break even.

Many people’s health concerns could be alleviated or even eradicated if only they would simply take care of one of their most basic needs and drink more water. It may sound overly simplistic, but it really is that simple. Just drink more water.

Do it. Right now.
Go drink some water.
And then drink some more.

Now that you know the answer to this riddle, stay tuned for the next FGF blog post, in which we’ll tell you more specifically about the importance of water, giving you lots of inspiration to keep drinking the good stuff.

Stay hydrated, friends!

-the FGF team

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