Video: The Holistic Perspective 2

Hey there, friends! Did you see my video from last week? It’s part 1 of this 2-parter on the FGF holistic health philosophy. There’s much to it, but these are some of the basic principles that I often feel the need to explain to clients when they’re doubtful of the relevance of something I’m asking them about or suggesting to them. If I just give you the low-down here, then we can all jump to the same page and then truck on from there, right? Great! Let’s get watching this video already!

Spoiler Alert! Here’s a little summary of some of the ideas in this video:

  • Your body is a single, cohesive whole where everything contained within works together.
  • The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Function and relationship must be considered when investigating a particular organ or problem area; isolating a body part to treat does not consider the whole picture and can’t provide all the information necessary for truly understanding and correcting the problem.
  • Your emotions have a very real physical impact on your body.
  • Holistic healthcare considers the WHOLE of you – your entire body, your thoughts, and your emotions.
  • A few simple changes can have a powerful affect on your overall health.

As always, hit us up if you’ve got any questions! And that comment section below ain’t there just to look pretty. 🙂

Drink some water, give yourself a hug, eat something green, get some rest, get some ants in your pants and really MOVE for at least 20 minutes, drink some more water, and thank your body for all it does for you. Way to go!

Stay healthy, friends!

-Candace and The FGF Team

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