Love Food that Loves You Back

FGF LoveFoodThatLovesYouBack Everyone’s got their comfort foods, their go-to’s, the things they absolutely LOVE to eat. But do those foods love YOU? Do they make you feel good? I don’t mean just in the moment you’re eating them, as your taste buds are dancing with pleasure in your mouth, but after that moment has faded and onwards, as the food is broken down and absorbed and integrated with your body. Does the food give YOU love, and I mean all of you.

Does it give you a bellyache? A headache? Does it give you acne, or bloat you? Do you get heartburn or indigestion? Do you feel tired after eating it? Or does it energize you? Does make you feel balanced, grounded or focused? Does it calm your nerves and give you pep?

Does it love you back?

Think about that. What foods do you turn to the most frequently? Why? Under what circumstances do you want them?

Is it a craving?
Are you missing something? Are you addicted to it? If you think it might be a craving, check out THIS POST. Consider what is causing this craving, and try substituting it with what you really need: it could be a hug, a personal pep talk, some introspective downtime, some magnesium, something green, a phone call to a friend, or healthy fats like raw flax seed oil or avocado.

Do you eat because you’re board?
Maybe you should drink some water, go for a walk, read a book, or write a to-do list. If you need help focusing and decide you need to write a to-do list, prioritize it: break down your top 3 items into 3 or more manageable tasks. Pick one to start with and DO IT.

Or are you not bored, but already too busy and looking for food to distract you, or to pass the day? Take a break and so something you WANT to do. Make it intentional – don’t fritter away this time on Twitter. That’s right, don’t do the Twitter-Fritter! CHOOSE something you like – running, reading, knitting, painting, cooking, napping, playing guitar, playing hacky sack, whatever – and go to do specifically that thing for a reasonable amount of time. Focus on it and enjoy it. Give yourself permission. Then get back to work. Also, drink some water or herbal tea.

Does it take you back to a safe place in your childhood?
If it’s nostalgic, I admit it can be a hard habit to break. So rather than deny yourself:

1)   Treat treats as treats (as Michael Pollan puts it). If you indulge in it all the time, it’s not really a treat any more, is it? Save it for an actual once-in-a-while TREAT.

2)   Consider what it is, and what the ingredients are. Do you buy it, or make it? If you buy it, could you make it yourself with better ingredients? If you already make it yourself, good – what’s in it? What ingredients could you substitute to make it healthier? Could you switch out the margarine or canola oil for coconut oil? Could that white flour instead be millet flour or quinoa flour, or even ground almonds or cashews? Could that cup of sugar be a ½ cup of either coconut crystals or honey with 1 tsp of stevia? Could you add raw seeds or ground flax to it? Get your thinking cap on and improve the quality of this indulgence, so that you can keep enjoying it, but bring it into modern times for the newer, healthier, modern you!

Is it just habit?
Do you make the same old things just because you’ve always made them? Expand your horizons! Get new idea recipes online, in libraries, in used bookstores, from this website, or just start playing in your kitchen! You don’t need a recipe, just good, healthy ingredients and enthusiasm. Make some loving alchemy happen! Buy a vegetable you’ve never worked with before and google how it’s commonly prepared if you’re not sure how to begin. Then simply use your imagination and go from there.

Tell us! What foods do you turn to most frequently and why? How can you make it better? Leave a comment below!

Do you desire dairy, but dairy despises you?

Do you love latkes, but latkes loathe you?

Do you adore adzukis, but adzukis abhor you?

Rethink your eats! As the English say, don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork!

Remember that your taste buds are adaptable and will change with your diet, whether your diet changes for the better or the worse. Therefore, go gradually and give yourself time to adjust. Love foods that loves you back!

Stay good to yourselves, friends!

-the FGF team

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