It’s Happy Villi Dance time!

Whenever we eat something delicious that makes our bodies happy, we do the happy villi dance.

In today’s very important instructional video, we teach you how to do the happy villi dance, so you can be cool like us!

The tubing that connects your stomach to your poop shoot is the part of the digestive tract that absorbs nutrients from food. The more time your food spends in contact with this surface, the more opportunity there is to absorb whatever nutrients are present. Therefore, the more intestinal surface, the better. Villi are finger-like protrusions that line your intestines and increase its surface area. They allow for greater absorption of nutrients from the food that we eat. They are therefore very important and we like to do our best to keep them happy!

Villi are sensitive little fellers and are easily made to be unhappy. That is, they are damaged very easily, and that negatively impacts our digestion and our ability to feel good. And we don’t know about you, but here at The Feel Good Foodies, we like to feel good.

Here’s how you can keep them happy:

Eat a clean, healthy diet of whole, unprocessed foods, and drink a lot of water. That’s really what it comes down to.

Water is important for a whole lot more than you might think. Everyone knows that water’s good for them, but often don’t understand why, or realize just how important it is. Keeping food moving smoothly through your digestive tract is just one of its many jobs.

If you eat grains, make sure they are whole grains. Include plenty of vegetables in your diet and eat raw nuts and seeds every day. We encourage you to eat sprouts and fermented foods! Just stick to whole foods and include a rainbow-assortment of colours on your plate.

Here’s how you can make them unhappy:

Villi hate processed foods. If you want to damage your digestive tract and make your villi sad, be sure to eat lots of fast food, deep-fried things, and refined grains and refined sugars like danishes. White flour products are especially great for making your villi super sad.

So it’s up to you! Make’em happy or sad – they’re your villi! If you and your village of villi are happy and you want to learn how to do our super cool happy villi dance with us, be sure to check out the informative video above and follow along!

Keep those villi dancing, friends!

-the FGF team

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