Me n’ my achy guts.

Hey friends,

So I’ve made digestion my specialty for a reason…

I was pursuing a life of fine art when I got really sick and ended up getting diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2007. My path got mightily diverted from where I thought it was headed, and I ended becoming a holistic nutritionist. I still create and show art, but have found an equally strong passion in holistic health.

Crohn’s Disease has been a brutal and powerful teacher of mine. I have learned much, and this illness has sure put a fire under my ass to learn more and MORE. And that fire is burning hot these days, friends. I’ve been in a flair up for some time now, despite my holistic-as-heck ways, and this teacher insists that I’m not done being its student yet. So here I am.

It’s been about a month since I recorded the above video – which I clearly recorded or a “good” day – and in the time that has passed, my health has worsened. It’s been hard to keep down my food, I’ve had a lot of intestinal pain, have spent a little too much time on the porcelain throne, and have felt just plain exhausted.

So what to do?

I’ve had a poor relationship with sleep all my life, which is common amongst those with Crohn’s Disease. Your body makes melatonin (the hormone that makes you feel sleepy) out of serotonin (feel-good neurotransmitter), most of which is made in your gut. In fact, 90% of your serotonin is made by the gut! If your gut is not in great shape and struggling to perform, things like serotonin production might not happen as much as it should, which means melatonin might not get made as much as it should, which means sleep might not happen as much as it should. Makes sense, right?

I’ve been making a better effort to not only sleep more, but basically as much as I can. I go to bed earlier. I sleep in. And I often nap in the afternoon. The body cannot repair itself if it doesn’t get enough sleep.

I’ve also cut my diet way back. I’m eating what sort of looks like an elimination diet right now, sticking to anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic foods, and avoiding specific types of carbohydrates. Lots of broth, lots of steamed greens, and lots of ginger tea.

I’m also taking supplements, of course. Probiotics are always a staple with me, and, well, I’ve got enough supplements in my cupboards that I could open a store in my kitchen.

The other articles I referred to in the video are the one here by Jaime and I last winter, and this one I wrote in the spring.

That’s the update on me and my health. Do you want updates like this? Is it helpful to you? Please let me know!

How can this help you?

I may have learned this stuff the hard way, but you don’t have to! I’m giving a FREE talk on digestion in one week at Vibrant Lifestyle, a health shop in Liberty Village, Toronto. The talk is from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. Reserve your free spot here.


Stay healthy, friends. Really, it’s so much easier to work to prevent this stuff than it is to work to fix it. STAY HEALTHY, FRIENDS!!!

-Candace and the FGF team

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