October Love Letter

october love letter

Today I wanted to write you a letter. Not an article or a recipe, but a sort of love letter, to you, my dear pen pals! I’m excited because it’s October and there’s so much to love, so here’s my squishy, sentimental, overflowing Muchness for you today:

October is my favourite month. There are so many fun things in it!

September is a transition from summer to fall, and often much of September remains summer-like. October is the first month that is really all-fall.

The leaves start to noticeably change colour during this month, which is one of my most favourite things in the world, and the air takes on a new crispness. Walking is soon aided by a delightful crunching under foot, cozy sweaters come out of the backs of closets to make us feel warm and snuggly, and all the beautiful vitamin A-rich foods, bright orange in colour, become the new staples. Pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, butternut squash…

Orange is my favourite colour. It is thought to represent change, and orange is the official colour of fall, which is the season of change. True, every seasonal shift is one of change, but I feel that October is a month in which we tend to contemplate change more. After the summer, which is more so the season of leisure than any other, the transition into fall refocuses us, reminds us of what’s ahead (we tend to think of the winter as the air gets cooler and crisper) and yet we have a reprieve: winter is not here yet, and we can prepare ourselves, make plans, and reconsider where we are going and what we want to do. It is a cozy, pre-hibernation sort of time. It well balanced: it’s not cold; it’s cool. It’s not particularly stressful, as December tends to be for a lot of people. It’s time to prepare. And, well-prepared, the upcoming months need not be so stressful. Use your October well. This is a great month for focused stillness, contemplation, self-care, and gratitude.


Which brings us to the next fun thing in October: Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving Day was originally for giving thanks for the year’s harvest. Now it’s a time that we get together with our family and friends and celebrate each other’s company over a feast- whether it’s our own harvest or not.

roastin stuff

And really, when it comes down to it, there could not be a more beautiful holiday than Thanksgiving because of this.

Feeling gratitude for your loved ones, and your life in general is something the FGF team does on a regular basis. We are here, we are alive, we have food, we have love, and we have love to give.

Having love and gratitude for yourself and everything you have really is the purest form of happiness.

So, be thankful on this day, and every day. Put aside your wants, and focus only on what you truly need.

Be strong, stay focused, and love where you are, because it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be.


 This month finishes off with the most fun annual celebration of all: Hallowe’en!

I remember vividly how enchanting it was as a child: the one night of the year where children are actually encouraged to put on costumes, knock on random people’s doors, and accept candy from strangers, and it’s all okay.

Halloween1990I grew up with all homemade costumes, and coming up with them was so much fun. My mom was awesome at indulging my brother and I in our costume desires. I love the creativity that Hallowe’en encourages!

Now being older, costumes are still a central part of the fun, and trick-or-treating has been replaced by themed parties. The fun does not have to end, regardless of age! Handing out goodies to young trick-or-treaters is another thing I love – the itty bitty munchkins who have to get down on all fours just to scale your doorstep in their costumes are just over-the-top adorable. And what does a holistic nutritionist hand out on Hallowe’en, you might wonder? Mini boxes of organic raisins, of course!

(I would love to make a healthy treat to hand out, but it’s a sad truth that these days, homemade goods are regarded with suspicion in this context, so of the pre-packaged options, I have found this to be best. I encourage more people to hand out healthier alternatives, like organic raisins! It’s not expensive, either!)

And finally, a Candace-specific event that makes October fun for me: my birthday!

Well, gentle readers, this Feel Good Foodie is pushing 30. With only about 10 days to go, this “push” is getting down to the final shove. This beautiful October, I say goodbye to my 20’s and move into the next decade. Talk about the season of change!

yumI feel that far too much emphasis is placed on mere numbers, and really, it’s not like a radical transformation takes place on birthdays – you’re the same person the day before your birthday as the day after it. It’s just a number. When really, it’s all about how you feel and how you live your life.


Much emphasis is placed on the decade changes. And however overrated these changes may be, it’s nonetheless interesting that it is at this time that I find myself looking around me and ahead with more clarity than I’ve ever felt before. I know what I want to do with this business. What I want to create. Where I want to take it, and where I want to take me. There are big changes ahead, friends. There is greater momentum. There is focus, clarity, and direction, and a whole lot of excitement to go with it all. Please stick around. Please share what I am doing with others you think could benefit. Hint: more digestive-specific support is coming.

In other news within this month of change, my health has finally turned the corner and I am on my way back up again.

The self-care I recommend with October in general is something I will especially be in need of applying to myself and to that end it may take a while for me to regain all of my strength, but progress is being made and I am moving in the right direction. I am feeling much better and am so grateful for the love and support so many of you have extended. Thank you for your kind words and well-wishes.

me + raw vegan cheesecake

I wish all of you a most beautiful fall.

Look up as the geese start to make their way overhead, sounding their departure across the sky. Sip warming teas like ginger, dandelion root, rooibos, or spiced yogi-style blends in the crisp, early mornings alone or with a loved one, enjoying the stillness before the fullness of the day ahead of you. Return to self-care practices that go with cooler weather, such as taking a bath with relaxing salts and essential oils in the evening, and coating the body in a layer of oil in the mornings after a shower (it’s like an extra layer of clothes!). Make soups and stews. While you’re at it, make a big batch of whatever you’re cooking (won’t take you much longer) and freeze some, for days when you don’t feel like cooking, or are pressed for time. Roast vegetables and use spices liberally. Drizzle healthy fats over your food. Bake some cookies.

hearty soup

Give thanks. Get grateful with friends and family. Share love. Give generously and receive graciously with heartfelt thanks. Get creative and make your own Hallowe’en costume if you’re planning on dressing up, or make one for your child or children if you have them.

Be humble. Be cozy. And stay grateful, friends.

Candace-who-is-still-in-her-20’s-as-of-this-writing and the FGF team

candace - thefeelgoodfoodies.com

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