Thanksgiving Day Gratitude

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Today is Thanksgiving Day. Harvest celebration time!

What are you grateful for right now? Some things are more apparent than others.

Think of 5 obvious things that you are grateful for: the big-ticket items that are hard to miss. A roof over your head, enough food to fill your belly…

Now think of 5 subtler things that you are grateful for: the smaller goods that are more easily missed or taken for granted. That so-and-so always smiles at you on your way to work every morning, that a good friend lives right in your neighbourhood, that the city garden near your house lets you enjoy beautiful flowers all summer without having to do anything…


  • I’m grateful for my health. No matter that I’ve struggled with it a lot over the years – I can stand, I can see, I can make things and do stuff and go places. I have all 5 senses in tact, lots of thinks to thunk, and many songs ahead to boogie to.
  • I’m grateful that I have my own fridge so that I can make and store all the kombucha and broth I want (as opposed to the previous fridge-sharing that was happening between 5 adults: too many people for one fridge).
  • chocolate warriorsI’m grateful to have a private backyard with trees to do yoga in every morning.
  • I’m grateful to have so many incredible books to learn from and get lost in.
  • I’m grateful to have friends who drop by to see if I’m home when they’re in my ‘hood, and who invite me out to shows, and who get excited about the prospect of dinner parties together.
  • I’m grateful for the existence of sweet potatoes and my ability to eat them (I had removed them from my diet for almost 2 years due to difficulty digesting starch, and have recently reintroduced them with great success and jubilation).
  • I am grateful for the sound of wind in tree leaves, and I don’t care how cheesy that sounds, because I really mean it: when my thoughts are piling up and swirling around my cranium and taking me far away from the present moment, that sound pulls me back. It blows the excess thinking away and reminds me to laugh at myself and pay attention to the moment happening all around me and within me.
  • I am grateful for the small and beautiful messes of day-to-day life. I prefer a clean space to a messy one, but I’m not talking about a dirty home – rather, a home in which life is lived and lived well. Sometimes I’ll stop in front of a good daily mess – a collection of candles with melted wax on the shelf about it; trinkets collected in travels or swapped for at art shows; pens and sheets of half-finished drawings; strewn CDs and records and books and hundreds of scrap papers full of scrawled ideas and snippets of poetry; concert ticket stubs; and musical instruments left out – and smile at the evidence of my life happening. Sure there’s other stuff too, but I prefer to focus on the poetry.
  • I’m grateful for the sound of my cat wheezing gently in her sleep. Those moments of quiet stillness where her sleepy breathing is the only sound are so precious to me.
  • I’m grateful to have people in my life who make me laugh until I cry. Who give my abdominal muscles a workout with laugher. Who get the tired giggles with me and join me in ridiculous giddiness. Who make me collapse in a heap of shaking laughter on the floor. I could explode with joy just thinking about such times.
  • I’m grateful for you, dear readers and Foodie Fans, who read along and support us and sign up for our newsletter and maybe even attend a seminar or host an Educational Dinner Party, or book a consultation now and then. You are the reason we do what we do!

Gratitude is an important and powerful thing. Don’t lose it. Practice it. Live it.

Thanks for you, friends.

Candace and the FGF team

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