Free Digestion/Mood Talk Tonight

Your digestive system and your nervous system are inextricably linked. It’s not surprising then that our mood or emotions can have a profound impact on our digestive system, and conversely, the state of our digestive system can have a dramatic impact on our mood and emotions.

There are many ways that one can affect the other. It is important for you to look after your digestive system, both by paying attention to what you eat and how you eat it, and that you deal with your emotional imbalances. This is the way to true health. Health is so much more than the absence of illness.

This evening I am offering a free seminar on the digestion and mood connection in a health shop called Vibrant Lifestyle in Liberty Village, from 6:30 – 7:30.

I will talk about the many ways our emotions and digestion affect one another. Also, as a visual artist as well as a nutritionist with Crohn’s Disease, I will be using my artwork to illustrate the changes in my emotional state in conjunction with fluctuations in my health, using a series of self-portraits created over the course of 10 years.

Feel free to show up, or better yet, to reserve your seat (it’s nearly full!), click here.

The Digestion and Mood Connection

Whether or not you can make the talk, here is my encouragement for you today – it is simple, yet important and oh-so-powerful. You know best how to heal yourself, and so this is what you must do:  find your medicine.

Food can be medicine.

Art can be medicine.

Music can be medicine.

Herbs can be medicine.

Water can be medicine.

Sleep can be medicine.

Movement can be medicine.

Self-respect can be medicine.

Being immersed in nature can be medicine.

Space can be medicine.

Friends can be medicine.

Stillness can be medicine.

Quiet can be medicine.

Singing or even shouting can be medicine.

Gratitude can be medicine.



Find your medicine. Breathe it in. Wrap it up in love. Make time for it. Make time for you. Respect your medicine and respect yourself. If and when it feels right, find some way to share it.

Listen to your inner wisdom and trust your gut, friends!


candace -


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