Holiday Sweet Tooth Guide

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Whatever events you may be into celebrating, I think we can probably agree that we’re all into celebrating food. And as this time of year tends to find us surrounded with not-so-healthy temptations, I put together a little something to help you out – my seasonal gift to you!

Check out my holistic-as-heck HOLIDAY SWEET TOOTH GUIDE:

holiday sweet tooth guide

Enjoy yourself, and do your best to be mindful about eating enough, rather than too much. As fun as eating is, it’s no fun sitting around like a beached whale afterwards, moaning and feeling like you’re about to explode. Not only is it no fun, it’s hard on your digestive system, and in attempt to deal with this excess, your body will try to just move it all through as best it can.

As the focus is simply to get all that food out of you at this point, you’re less likely to absorb all the nutrition in it. That’s right: eating more than you need does not mean more nutrition; over-eating = less nutrients absorbed.

So eat slowly to enjoy those flavours. Chew carefully and savour. When you’re starting to feel full, stop eating, and be thankful. When you’re hungry again later, there will be lots more to enjoy – you don’t have to do it all in one sitting!

Indulge wisely. Merry Whatever and Happy Everything to all!

Be merry, friends!

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