Adaptable Taste Buds (and the Transition to Tasty Town)


Your body only knows as good as you give it. If it has only known junk, then it will look for what is most useful of that junk and it will probably taste good. But if you introduce something less-junky to your body – something more nutritious, something at least closer to its whole food form – then your body just might say, “wait a minute… this stuff EXISTS?! Why have I been eating that other crap the whole time?!” And soon that “other crap” that you used to enjoy might not taste so good. Don’t be disappointed – this is a good thing. But there are other things that may have to happen first, so we’ll come back to this.

This “other crap” you’ve been eating is usually loaded with excessive amounts of salt, refined sugar, and other flavour enhancers such as MSG. These dull your taste buds over time until any food without excessive amounts of these additives seems to be lacking.

The food isn’t lacking. Your taste buds are just so numb that you aren’t able to perceive what food really tastes like any more.


But do not fret, friends! You can reawaken your taste buds! They just need a sort of detox.

To re-sensitize your taste buds, you’ll first have to get them off the junk they’re hooked on. Yup, this part might be a drag, but is so amazingly and incredibly worth it that I cannot emphasize enough how much you need to do this. It’s a transition period only, and as your taste buds stop being inundated with a surplus of refined partial-food products, the numbness starts to wear off and one day – what is this? This apple… it tastes… SWEET! ALL BY ITSELF! WHODATHUNKIT?!?

One day you’ll go back to that nostalgic old junk food for a “treat” and find that it has lost its appeal. If it tastes like cardboard, don’t feel that I’ve ruined it for you – understand that it always tasted like cardboard, but you were too numb to know any better. And do you think cardboard pseudo-food items were doing anything positive for your health? Yeah, I don’t think so either. So now your body knows better, and can recognize the crap for what it is. Hooray!

This also means that if something is good for you (and remember that we are all biochemically unique), you can probably learn to love it with time. (Probably.) Example: I used to detest cilantro and now I love it. You can even come to desire real, whole foods that you once may not have enjoyed, as your body knows now these foods can provide it with things it needs. Example continued: sometimes I flat-out crave cilantro.

THE TAKE AWAY: Your taste buds are adaptable!

You can train them for better or for worse, whether you choose to reawaken them to the true flavours of real, whole foods and rediscover the sweetness of simple fruits and vegetables, and become excited about the flavourful world of healthy and hearty real foods from the earth that can support and nourish you through your whole delicious life!


whether you choose to numb them down into an appalling dump heap of poor food choices, wallowing in the excess of over-stimulating additives found in a disgraceful assortment of the most foully-concocted pseudo-foods imaginable, until you are incapable of physically tasting anything else and your health starts to crap out on you from a lack of any semblance of sustenance.

You know, not to be dramatic or anything.

Just saying, it’s in your favour all around to start tasting things for what they really are again.


  1. SCALE DOWN ON THE CRAP TO START. (Less refined salt, less refined sugar, less processed and packaged foods.)
  2. STOP EATING CRAP. (Eat whole foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes, organic eggs and meats if you’re into that, squashes, nuts, seeds, etc.)
  3. IS THAT CRAP? DIDN’T WE JUST TALK ABOUT NOT EATING THAT? (Back to the whole foods, my friend.)
  4. START TO ENJOY IT MORE. (Hey, this baked root vegetable roast is really good! Pass the kale chips, wouldja?)
  5. REDISCOVER A WORLD OF FLAVOUR! (This spinach salad with baked local trout and a side of ginger butternut squash soup with a pinch of nutmeg is THE BOMB! And I can’t wait for tomorrow’s afternoon local organic apple – dayyyyum that is such a fine treat!)

Don’t believe me that you could get there? TRY IT. Your taste buds and your whole being will thank you.

Come alive again, friends!


candace -

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